Unfair Mario

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I was strolling around the internet today and ran across a video of someone playing Unfair Mario. I didn’t watch much of the video because I wanted to play it for myself. It looked challenging and hilarious. The creators of this game are the ultimate internet trolls.

Unfair Mario looks very similar to Super Mario Bros. for the SNES but it has a twist. Nothing is as it seems. I died over 70 times before completing level 2. This game is so annoying and I love it! Unfair Mario is my new favorite game.

I wanted to do a review for this game, but no matter what I say, you’re going to love to hate it. You just have to experience it for youself.

Instead of talking about Unfair Mario, let me just show you. I’m not sure if this will work on a mobile device but for you desktop users, here is the game… enjoy!



Unfair Mario

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