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Unfair Mario

Screenshot from 2015-02-18 11:57:54

I was strolling around the internet today and ran across a video of someone playing Unfair Mario. I didn’t watch much of the video because I wanted to play it for myself. It looked challenging and hilarious. The creators of this game are the ultimate internet trolls.… Read More

Best Maid Xtreme Sour Pickle Challenge and Review


Best Maid Xtreme Sour Pickles

In today’s video, Aubrey and I challenge each other to eat as many Xtreme Sour pickles as we can before giving up. Aubrey came up with the idea for this video while doing a little grocery shopping.… Read More

WarHeads Pucker Packs: Candy Review


I saw the Warheads company facebook page post a picture of the Warheads Pucker Packs the other day. I’ve never seen these in stores before so I began to look for them every time I went to the store. I finally found some in the Christmas aisle at Wal-Marts along with some Warheads flavored candy canes!… Read More