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Aubrey Flips Out About Cleaning Her Room (VIDEO)

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I asked Aubrey to clean her room and she totally flipped out and went crazy. Check out the video.


I made this video while teaching myself how to add effects to videos. It’s not perfect at all, I would like to redo it.… Read More

Bad Parents: 7 Things They Refuse to Do


Bad Parent: Don’t be one.

Over the years, I’ve made many observations in public that have left me to the conclusion, you’re a bad parent. What you are going to see in this list have nothing to do with “styles” of parenting.… Read More

Dad Adds Special Effects to Home Videos


It’s Monday and that means I post a great video of a Dad doing something on the internets. In other words, it’s Monday and I’m too lazy to write a real blog entry. Enjoy this video instead.

This video is awesome.… Read More

Baby’s First Zing


When your 6 year old zings you, you’re done.

If you’re not familiar with the term “zing”, let me explain it to you. The Urban Dictionary defines zing as ” An interjection commonly used after making a witty joke at someone else’s expense while they are present.” So basically, it’s a sharp witty insult followed by “Zing!”.… Read More

Best Maid Xtreme Sour Pickle Challenge and Review


Best Maid Xtreme Sour Pickles

In today’s video, Aubrey and I challenge each other to eat as many Xtreme Sour pickles as we can before giving up. Aubrey came up with the idea for this video while doing a little grocery shopping.… Read More

Walk It Off Method


You’re in Pain? Walk it Off.

Kids react to pain, some kids overreact to pain. This is fact.

If a child trips and is immediately met by Mommy or Daddy scooping them into their arms and comforting them, falling becomes something that NEEDS to be comforted.… Read More

Nerf Firing Squad?: YouTube Monday


Nerf Firing Squad: Any last words?

It’s Monday already. Everyone hates Monday, that’s why I search the YouTubes for the best videos involving Dads having fun. This is all just for your viewing pleasure.

There’s a morning show that I’ve been watching for a while now called “Good Mythical Morning”.… Read More

Egg Russian Roulette: Sophia vs Mommy


Ok guys, this is Round 1 Game 3 of our Egg Russian Roulette Tournament.

The first round featured Aubrey vs Daddy, Hayden vs Johnny, and Sophia vs Mommy!

If you have seen them all, I suggest you get on YouTube and find them all.… Read More

Egg Russian Roulette: Round 1 Game 2


Egg Russian Roulette Tournament

Aubrey has taken the votes to advance in Round 1 Game 1. She will be facing her Uncle Reuben next. Today’s video features Johnny vs Hayden. Tomorrow we will post Sophia vs Mommy!

While recording this one the camera got out of focus and I was unaware.… Read More

How Kid’s Music Has Changed Me


Having all girls can take the man out of you.

Let me start out by saying that before having children I only listened to Hip-Hop/R&B. Anything from Tupac to Donnell Jones was filled in my MP3 Walkman. iPods weren’t big back then.… Read More