9 AM: Already a Busy Monday

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I guess we were tired… the alarm didn’t wake us up. We were almost late to school! With my wife taking full charge and being Super Mommy we made it with time to spare. Now I just had to wait for the bus because today was Sophia’s second field trip, that’s two in less than two weeks. Sheesh. Her first field trip was to the Assiter Punkin Ranch (Check It) and this one was heading straight to the fire station. The firefighters were very informative and Sophia had a blast. I’ll be doing another blog about that tomorrow so keep a look out.

Finally get back home and check our Twitter and we were mentioned by WARHEADS themselves! They liked our Warheads Challenge video and featured us on their Facebook page as well. Such a cool thing for them to do. When I told the girls that Warheads said #FunDadBlogRocks they got pretty excited.

Tonight the Dallas Cowboys are playing against the Washington Redskins so me and Sophia will be unreachable during the game. The day is still young and we’ve already accomplished a lot. I need to lie down for a minute, grab a power nap and finish this day strong.

Have some fun today!

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