Baby’s First Zing

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When your 6 year old zings you, you’re done.

If you’re not familiar with the term “zing”, let me explain it to you. The Urban Dictionary defines zing as ” An interjection commonly used after making a witty joke at someone else’s expense while they are present.” So basically, it’s a sharp witty insult followed by “Zing!”. The word zing itself is not a requirement. Any witty insult or joke at your expense can be considered a zing.

For boys, zinging each other is kind of a “right of passage”. When I was growing up, my friends and I would throw verbal jabs at each other all day long. It’s how guys work.

When my daughter hit me with zing, I was shocked. My first reaction was “oh no you didn’t”, then I felt this great sense of pride in my little girl. The “King of Zing” was just thrown in front of a moving Zing Bus by a 6 year old. It was truly amazing.

How did it happen?

It was around 6pm on a Thursday and I was cooking supper. I don’t remember what I was cooking, but I was cooking. Probably spaghetti-os because, after all, I’m not a chef. Before I paint you a picture, I need to familiarize you with the Bubble Guppies. The Bubble Guppies have a skit when someone asks “What time is it?” and the Bubble Guppies respond with “It’s time for lunch!”. If you’ve never seen or heard that before, don’t fret. I have a video:

Now that you’re familiar with Bubble Guppies, we can move onto the zing. After the girls supper is ready, I get into the Time for Lunch Bubble Guppies routine with Aubrey. We go back and forth about 5 times before she sits down at the kitchen table. Once Aubrey sits down, that’s when Hayden took down the King of Zing from her bedroom all the way to the kitchen. Here’s the full transcript:

King of Zing: What time is it?!

Aubrey: It’s time for lunch!

King of Zing: What time is it?!

Aubrey: It’s time for lunch!

King of Zing: What time is it?!

Aubrey: It’s time for lunch!

King of Zing: HAYDEN! What time is it?

Hayden: It’s Time for You to Get a Watch!

I’ve used the classic Time for You to Get a Watch joke for than I should. It’s a very basic joke. I was taken by complete surprise by it for the first time in 20 years. Normally, if I get zinged with that joke, I brush it off and get the current time. Not a big deal. But from my little princess? I. Was. Shocked.

After the burn wore off, I found myself laughing. I laughed harder than ever at the simplest joke.

Hayden finally left her room and headed towards the kitchen. As her father, I wanted to give her a high five! As the person she zinged, the only thing that came to mind was a meme.


I gave her that well deserved high five but I’m going to have to keep my zing shooter loaded with one in the chamber at all times with her around. I won’t let it happen again.

Heir to the Throne

The King of Zing needs a predecessor. Hayden seems to be a great fit for when I’m no longer able to zing. What shall we call her? The Put-Down Princess? We’ll just have to wait and see.


What are some of your best child zings? I’m sure everybody has a story of their child’s best unexpected zings. Leave a comment and tell us about it.


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  1. Aunt Nell says:

    Makes me proud!

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