Best Maid Xtreme Sour Pickle Challenge and Review

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Best Maid Xtreme Sour Pickles

In today’s video, Aubrey and I challenge each other to eat as many Xtreme Sour pickles as we can before giving up. Aubrey came up with the idea for this video while doing a little grocery shopping. Apparently, she has seen other videos doing the same.

The rules were simple, the first person to give up lost. At the end of the challenge we give our honest opinion of the Best Maid Xtreme Sour pickles.

*Spoiler Alert*

Go out and buy some. They’re delicious.

4 Responses to Best Maid Xtreme Sour Pickle Challenge and Review

  1. Ralph says:

    okay that was funny, way to go Aubrey!!!

  2. Aunt Nellie says:

    Abba the winner!

  3. Shirley Castagnetta says:

    I must say they are both adorable! & really good sports to try this! Good luck!

  4. Johnny Clayton says:

    Way to go Baby. Papa loves you

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