#Breaktheinternet? plz don’t

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Raising 3 daughters is hard enough. My daughters are, inevitably, only a few years away from joining Twitter. I’m throwing away all electronics.

After dropping off the 3 girls at school, I come home to check our Twitter feed and see thousands of #breaktheinternet posts. Now, if you haven’t seen them yet, you’re not going to see them here. This “break the internet” campaign is all about Kim Kardashian. She is posing for a magazine cover, can’t remember which magazine. Anywho, there were 2 pictures that I saw… one of her posing with a champagne bottle balance on her surgically modified rear end. The other is her completely exposed rear end. If you want to see them, just go to Google and type in “break the internet” and click Image Search.

I completely understand the marketing side of the whole campaign. It’s controversial and will get people talking. What is bothering me, though, is my oldest (Aubrey) is at the age where she gets on YouTube and can Google just about anything. By the time she is 12(less than 4 years away), I’m positive that she will have an e-mail address and will probably be more involved in the internet at school and at home. I created my 1st e-mail account (hotmail) when I was 12. We all know you can sign up for anything on the internet, all you need is that e-mail address.

With the day that my children are socially active on the internet fast approaching, how am I going to guard them from things that become the number 1 topic on all web sites? Do I forbid them from going online? Do I put parental blocks to monitor their every keystroke?

It looks like I’m going to be having a very long talk with my children in the very near future. Not just about staying safe on the internet but also about modesty. I would really hate to think that my daughters would ever emulate such, for lack of a better term, trashy behavior. I want them to have more respect for themselves.

I’m really going to rely on my wife to lead by example. We are not perfect parents, not even close. This is going to be hard. If anyone has any comments, advice or tips. Please share.

If I had boys, all I would have to do is knock first.

2 Responses to #Breaktheinternet? plz don’t

  1. sharon says:

    Nathan you and Lizzie are amazing parents and I have no doubt that y’all will teach them to be modest , I know the other day when Sophia was getting dressed she told me not to look And I told her I won’t look and I wasn’t looking I was trying to watch T.V. She cracks her Nana up!!!! .lol So that means to me that they are already learning that being modest is the way to be.

  2. Aunt Nell says:

    Just keep pouring into them all the good parenting that yall are good at, they will be amazing young women!

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