Harvest Festival

Our girls at the Harvest Festival
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Our town had a Harvest Festival for all the kids and we took our kiddos. They’ve had these things since I was young and it’s always fun. The girls had a costume theme planned out. Sophia was going to be Aurora, Aubrey as Maleficent, and Hayden as one of the fairies that raised Aurora. They came out really cute. I’m going to make this a little short since I have a lot of pictures to show off.

The only time that the girls really wanted to be still was outside before we entered and while they were stuck in jail. They put me in there for 10 minutes and I got some alone time. lol. They really did have fun with all the kids in town and Aubrey ending up winning 1st prize for the costume contest in her age category. I’m supposed to be getting an e-mail of some pictures from a “photo booth” and I will post those on our social media pages.




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