Introductions: Hayden

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Imagine someone walking into a room leaning back like Neo from The Matrix with their arms flailing. Now, that same person gives you a look like YOU’RE the weirdo. That’s Hayden. Everything she does is comical. She is a very happy and carefree child, but when she is upset she can make your heart melt. She has a way of projecting her emotions to you that makes you feel sad, happy, or mad right along with her. My theory is she gets you on her side just so she can mess with you while you’re not expecting it.

Me and her have the same personality. The only difference between us is that I’m old enough to know better. I have pushed the baskets at the grocery store with Hayden hiding on the bottom and she would grab peoples legs as we walk by just to scare them. It’s awful, but she made me.

I’m a Dallas Cowboys football fan and I’ll never forget the day she told me she wasn’t. We were hanging out on the couch watching football and she says “I hope the Cowboys lose, I’m a 49ers fan”. :( My heart broke that day. She saw the shock on my face and sensed the sadness in my eyes. That’s when she laughed the most evil laugh I’ve ever heard and ran to her room. Like a kid in a elevator, she finds your buttons and presses as many as she can until she gets into trouble. Then she stare you dead in the eyes and press one more. She is going to kill me and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

I was still a young and dumb boy when we had Hayden. It wasn’t until we had her that I actually starting maturing. I was obviously awarded for finally acting like an adult. I was given someone that I could do the most immature things with and get away with it because I’m just being a good dad. :) Hayden is a very special to me and I thank her for every smile she has put on my face.

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