Introductions: Sophia

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Her name is Sophia but I call her Sopapilla. I call her that because she is so sweet and fluffy. She is the most affectionate person but not towards me. She loves to pick on me. We joke around and tell people that we have a love/hate relationship, I love her and she hates me. She pretends to be a mommy’s girl and always sticks her tongue out at me around mommy but I know the truth. We’ve gotten to spend a lot more alone time together lately and I’m slowly getting her to switch to my side.

Sophia is a big cuddler. You could be just sitting down relaxing and she’ll come sit next to you and lay her head in your lap. If you don’t move her, she will stay there for hours. I’ve had my arms and legs fall asleep from her laying on me for so long.

Her smile is contagious, I think it’s her chubby little cheeks. When she smiles, those cheeks of hers bunch up and almost close her eyes because they’re so big. When she smiles, she does it with every muscle in her face. People fall in love with her when they meet her and she knows how to butter them up. She is probably the most spoiled child I have. Everyone caters to her every need. Watch out for this one.

When we moved back to the town we grew up in, I got back in touch with an old friend. Over the last 3 years, he has become a consistent part of our lives. The girls have started calling him Uncle Reuben. The funniest thing happened the day these two met. She was only about a year old at the time and she came out of her room with the saddest little look on her face. She didn’t know the guy standing in front of her so she was just looking at him with that pitiful face. Reuben then asked her “What’s the matter?”. In the the most depressing tone of all time, Sophia just said “I POOPED!”. We still joke about that 3 years later.

I can’t even describe Sophia, she’s so different from everyone else. To know her is to love her. Sopapilla.

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