Sick Days Are the Worst…

Sick Day for Hayden
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The worst way to start out a Monday is to have a sick little girl. Hayden was running a fever and had a very upset stomach so she had to stay home from school. To make matters worse, Mommy was sick too. Mommy was actually a whole lot sicker.

After a couple of doses of some medicine Hayden was feeling much better. She still had a bit of an upset stomach but was feeling hungry. I attempted to make the last can of chicken noodle soup for her but she fell asleep while it was cooking and I forgot about it. I’ve never burned anything so bad in my life. There wasn’t even any noodles left in the pan, just cooked on goop. It was so bad.

As luck would have it right after I burned the pan of soup, that’s when Mommy got home from work… early. She took one step into the house and got sick right there from the smell of burnt soup. It was a horrible day for her. She had to miss her evening shift later that day due to being so sick.

Tuesday morning comes and Hayden is looking 100% so she is ready for school. Mommy was still too sick but luckily I have an appointment with my cardiologist today so she had previously asked for the day off. I’m still not sure if she is going to the appointment with me or not. She really shouldn’t but she doesn’t like to miss things like this because I tend to forget what the doctors tell me.

All in all, this week already has been a lot to handle. I was planning on having our first “How-To” video up today but after taking care of Hayden and Liz I couldn’t find the time. I will work on it when I get back from Lubbock tonight and I will have it up no later than Wednesday afternoon.

Thanks for reading.

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