Introductions: Aubrey

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Aubrey is an 8 year old sweetheart. She is the kindest person I have ever met and probably will ever meet. I cannot put into words just how thoughtful this little girl is. She is my oldest daughter and she has changed my life. She is every bit her mothers child but she does get a few traits from me.¬†One thing she gets from me is her dance moves. She dances like a 90 year old grandpa. That’s my girl!

Imagine someone who is as quick witted as a stand-up comic dealing with hecklers. This little girl has dished out some of the best zings at my expense. The girl I raised has become smarter than me very quickly. She knows things at her young age that I’m still learning about. She can read people and knows what you’re feeling no matter how hard you try to hide it. Aubrey has already become a better person than I will ever be.

I was blessed when I had her and am more blessed with everyday that I get to spend with her. I can’t believe how fast she has grown and I’m amazed at how in tune with the world she is. She gives me hope for the future generations. I love her with all of my heart and will do anything for her.

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