How Kid’s Music Has Changed Me

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Having all girls can take the man out of you.

Let me start out by saying that before having children I only listened to Hip-Hop/R&B. Anything from Tupac to Donnell Jones was filled in my MP3 Walkman. iPods weren’t big back then. I had my taste in music clearly defined and didn’t see any changes in that on the horizon.

Fast forward to today. As I’m cleaning up the kitchen, my oldest daughter, Aubrey, puts no the new Taylor Swift CD (1989). Instead of asking her to turn it off or turn it down, I realize I start singing and dancing around the house. We’re just jammin’ out to Blank Space. Like jammin’ hard. My kid’s music has me saying things like “I can make the bad guys good for a weekend”!… I sound ridiculous.

You want to know the worst part? I actually enjoy listening to the kid’s music with them.

I didn’t realize this today, this has been going on for years. It all started with “Hey there, Delilah”, it’s the very first song Aubrey sang along to. It was just so cute hearing her try to sing along to the radio. I would put it on repeat and just watch her sing. That’s when my music was put out to pasture and replaced with Top 40. Since then, it’s been Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, One Direction, all those jerks.

It’s gotten to the point that I don’t try to find any new music for myself. I just listen to what the kid’s want to hear because their music is just so catchy. They don’t like my music, and I put up with theirs to the point that it’s “my jam”.

If your kid’s music has taken over your life, leave a comment down below. Tell me about it. I really want someone to tell me that I’m not alone in this. It’s unhealthy for a man to be singing about “the fellas over there with the hella good hair”.

Go ahead and buy the new Taylor Swift album 1989… it’s actually pretty good. :D


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3 Responses to How Kid’s Music Has Changed Me

  1. sharon says:

    When you were little you changed Granny’s music to George Strait! You were going home with her from Spearman and you told Granny Find George Strait and she had no clue who he was and you got control of her radio and found a George Strait song. lol Granny still talks about that..

  2. Aunt Nellie says:

    I remember singing Tear in my beer all the way home one night with you in the car. Haha

  3. Carl Wilke says:

    So true. I’ve got six kids ranging in age from 1-19. Been a SAHD for 14 years now. Needless to say, we spend a lot of time together in the car. When they were younger I’d play “my” music for them. As they progressed into their teens I allowed them control over the music/radio except that I always hold veto power. I’ve attended a Hillary Duff concert, a Justin Bieber concert and a Taylor Swift concert with my girls. It was time and money well spent. I’ll admit that I actually like T. Swift’s music and enjoyed her concert last August. While I don’t care for Bieber’s music he did put on a good show. The Hillary Duff concert was awful. 5,000 screaming 10-13 year old girls and so-so music. Ugh.

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