Life Hack: Trash Can Edition

I was taking out the trash the other night and the kids somehow managed to get the trash bag under the trash itself. There has to be a way to keep the More »

Unfair Mario

I was strolling around the internet today and ran across a video of someone playing Unfair Mario. I didn’t watch much of the video because I wanted to play it for myself. More »

Staying Home From School

Right now, as I type, I have a 4 year old laying in bed because she will be staying home from school today. She has come down with the strep throat. The More »

Struggling With The Blog

What happened?

It’s been a little over a month since I posted ANYTHING on the blog. I haven’t forgotten about it, I’ve just lost the interest in publishing anything. Don’t get me wrong, More »


Slow Cooked Pot Roast… super easy.


Slow Cook Pot Roast

I’ve been using this method of cooking my pot roasts for about 4 years now. I made one Sunday and figured I’d show you guys how to make this easy pot roast. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare and cooks in around 8 -12 hours.… Read More

Science: Egg into a Bottle Trick


I apologize in advance for the audio. I’m not sure what went wrong but it sounds awful.… Read More

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids


The List

Christmas is less than 2 months away. It’s time to start buying those gifts for your kids and grandkids already. This is always my least favorite time of year because I never know what people want. Kids are pretty easy to buy for because I just find something that I want to play with too.… Read More

Halloween Safety Tips


Tomorrow night, your kids will be off trick or treating and as parents we want them to be as safe as possible. The CDC has an entire list of Halloween safety tips that you can check out here. I just want to share some of my own personal tips to keeping your children as safe as possible.… Read More

Candy Corn Fruit Cup








Let’s make some candy corn styled fruit cups. This fun and simple snack is not only healthy but super delicious. If you’re wanting to make some for your kids all you’re going to need is 3 things.… Read More

How To: Make a Graveyard Coke Float


Me and the girls decided to whip up some coke floats. These things are so delicious. If you want to make some of your own all you need is 4 things. Well 5 if you count the glass.

  • Gummy Worms
  • Root Beer
  • Crushed Oreos
  • Chocolate Ice Cream

All you have to do is mix those 4 things up in a glass and they’re good to eat.… Read More

Field Trip: New Deal Fire Department


Our second field trip in two weeks… gotta love Pre-K. This time we went to visit the guys at New Deal Fire Department. We learned a lot about fire safety from them. Every parent needs to be informed and also teach their kids basic fire safety rules and tips.… Read More

YouTube Monday




This is totally me. Why The Face?



 … Read More

9 AM: Already a Busy Monday

New Image

I guess we were tired… the alarm didn’t wake us up. We were almost late to school! With my wife taking full charge and being Super Mommy we made it with time to spare. Now I just had to wait for the bus because today was Sophia’s second field trip, that’s two in less than two weeks.… Read More

Harvest Festival

Our girls at the Harvest Festival

Our town had a Harvest Festival for all the kids and we took our kiddos. They’ve had these things since I was young and it’s always fun. The girls had a costume theme planned out. Sophia was going to be Aurora, Aubrey as Maleficent, and Hayden as one of the fairies that raised Aurora.… Read More