Sophia’s First Field Trip

Sophia's First Field Trip
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Sophia was very excited to go on her first field trip. Her class was going to the Assiter Punkin Ranch and Pumpkin Patch and they were  all excited. The tour started out as a little bit of a pumpkin education class. Who knew that there were pumpkins named after Cinderella, Fairy Tales, and Casper? It was very interesting.

We had a dog skills demonstration, we got to feed some animals, and the kids got to ride a pumpkin train. I had fun watching Sophia play around with her friends and she was so excited to be on her very first field trip.

This was a great place to take the kids and get some ideas of what to do with some pumpkins. I would like to go back with all of the girls soon. If you are close to this one, check it out. If not, look around your area for a pumpkin ranch and get out there and enjoy yourself.



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